Alice in Borderland: End explained

by Johannes

Many fans of the Japanese Netflix series “Alice in Borderland” would like an explanation about the end of the second season. Warning: Spoilers

The end of Alice in Borderland explained

With the successful series “Alice in Borderland”, the Japanese producers have proven that they too can master the genre mix of horror, mystery and action. Up to now, something comparable was only known from the South Korean production of “Squid Game”.

  • The second season of “Alice in Borderland” ends with the protagonists Arisu and Usagi winning the last game against the Queen of Hearts “Mira”. The next moment, the two wake up in a hospital in Tokyo.
  • After a meteorite strikes Tokyo, the victims fight for their lives. This fight for life and death is what we have been following in the first two seasons.
  • This “dream” was dreamt by Arisu, so he recognises the others in the hospital, but not vice versa. Whether the others had similar experiences during their time before reanimation is not known.

Will there be a third season?

In fan circles, there have been hopes and fears since the release of season 2: Will there be a third season? Neither manga creator Haro Aso nor production company Netflix have commented on this yet.

  • Pro: The enormous success of the series gives hope that Netflix would like to earn money from a third season.
  • Pro: The final scene of the second season features the playing card “Joker”. Fans are hoping that this could be the potential antagonist of a third season.
  • Con: The plot is complete. Another season would require both new actors and a continuing storyline.
  • Con: The “Joker” in the last scene of the second season is interpreted differently by many fans. They think that Arisu was the Joker in his game. Thus, all the playing cards in the two seasons are occupied.

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