Termlabs: How the SEO tool works

by Mike

Termlabs is an SEO and content tool that is not yet officially available. Nevertheless, the numerous functions can already be used.

The most important functions of Termlabs

Termlabs is a tool from Bonuris GmbH in Darmstadt. The application includes various useful SEO functions that greatly simplify content optimisation – as long as you have the necessary knowledge in the SEO field.

  • For example, Termlabs has a WDF*IDF or TF*IDF analysis function. Important: Only German pages are crawled during the analysis – other German-language pages are left out.
  • The Question Finder can be used to find relevant user questions for a search term. This is particularly useful when you want to edit around extensive topics, optimise content or create new texts.
  • Keywords and meta tags can also be analysed with Termlabs. The search inspection, for example, provides an insight into snippets of competing pages, whereby the URL is also specified. This provides a quick overview of the optimisation possibilities of the snippets.
  • The so-called Text Wizard analyses entire texts. Among other things, Flesh-Reading-Ease, Unique-Term-Ratio or Non-Relevant-Term-Ratio are also specified.

How to use Termlabs.io

Termlabs.io is not yet generally available according to its website (as of September 2023). “Coming soon” can be read on the page. Nevertheless, Termlabs can already be used now. It is not known when the official version will be released.

  • If you have an access code, you can use it to register on the site.
  • If you do not have an access code, there is still a way to use Termlabs: To do so, request a trial account for the application.
  • However, the processing for activating a test account may take some time. Termlabs will contact you and let you know when you can use the test account. However, users also report here that only SEO professionals are selected for the use of a test account.

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