Cobot: What kind of robot is it?

by Corinna

A cobot is a specific type of robot. Cobot robots work collaboratively and are used in numerous industries

Cobot: What characterizes the robot

Cobot is the abbreviation for a collaborative robot. This means that the type of robot is designed to work safely and efficiently with humans in a shared working environment:

  • Collaboration between humans and robots is particularly important in industry and the service sector. For this to succeed, a cobot has sensors and other technologies that enable it to recognize obstacles and react to human proximity:
  • Safety in the workplace is of course particularly important. Before a cobot is used, the sensors are first extensively tested to reduce the risk of injuries and accidents.
  • In practice, a cobot works together with humans, for example by assembling parts, carrying out inspections or assisting with an operation in the medical field.

Ethical aspects of robotics

The introduction of robots in the workplace is linked to ethical issues:

  • Some people are concerned that increasing automation through cobots could lead to job losses.
  • Other people, however, argue that robotics creates new opportunities for more demanding, creative or highly skilled tasks. After all, people will always be needed to program and operate the robots.
  • Cobots are still a major investment for many companies. Entrepreneurs must therefore carefully consider whether the investment will really pay off in the long term through productivity increases, quality improvements and cost savings.
  • The initial challenge of integration into work processes and production facilities must also be taken into account.

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