DHL: How to change the delivery date

by Michaela

If you are expecting a DHL order on a day when you are not at home, you can change the delivery date. To do this, you will need the tracking number.

Change delivery date for own DHL shipment

You can only change the delivery date for DHL items that are addressed to you. To do this, you need the consignment number, which you usually receive from the sender. Then proceed as follows:

  • Open the DHL tracking website and enter your number.
  • You will then see your estimated delivery date. Click on “You are not at home?” in the “Delivery service” section below. Now you have the flexibility to choose the day and place of delivery. “
  • In the new tab, click on “Change delivery day” and select your desired delivery date from the calendar displayed.
  • Tip: As an alternative to changing the delivery date, you can also specify a drop-off location for the delivery person or name a neighbour where the parcel should be left. To do this, select the corresponding option on the DHL website.
  • If you only want to receive parcels on certain days of the week, you can also make this setting in your DHL customer account.

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