DHL shipment tracking: How it works

by Tobias

You can quickly find out where your order is or whether your DHL parcel has reached the recipient with the help of DHL shipment tracking. We show you what you need for shipment tracking and where you can do research in our tip.

DHL shipment tracking – this is how it works

At DHL, only insured shipments receive a tracking number. This is a prerequisite for a search.

  • To start tracking, go to the DHL homepage.
  • In the middle you will find a field where you enter the shipment number of the DHL parcel.
  • Click on “Search” to start the search.
  • The status of your consignment will then be displayed a little further down the page.
  • If you enter the recipient’s postcode, you can select various options in case you are not at home when the delivery is expected.
  • For example, you can specify a drop-off location for the item or a neighbour to leave the parcel with.
  • Alternatively, specify a different delivery day or indicate that the parcel should be delivered to a branch where you can pick it up.

Shipment tracking via smartphone app

Would you like to track your shipment on the go? No problem: smartphone apps make it possible:

  • On your iOS device, use the “DHL” app.
  • On Android devices, the shipment tracking app is also called “DHL”.

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