Earlicking ASMR: What’s behind the Twitch trend

by Flo

Earlicking ASMR is a controversial trend on Twitch, similar to hot tub streams. We explain what’s behind it and why this form of entertainment is dividing the community.

Earlicking ASMR – that’s what’s behind the term

Although the category ASMR has been around since 2018, it only recently caused a stir because well-known streamers like Amouranth held earlicking sessions there. For a detailed explanation of the term ASMR, see another practice tip.

  • For this, a special microphone is used that has attachments in the form of earlicks. If the audience has the headphones on, for example, the sound picked up by the microphone with the attachment on the left ear cup is played out to the audience on the left side of the headphones.
  • The streamers whisper and smack into the ear or lick and kiss it, whereupon the ASMR effect occurs in many viewers. This effect is characterised by a stimulating tingling sensation on the head. The streamers often set so-called sub-goals. This means that certain actions, such as kisses, are performed when a predetermined number of viewers subscribe to the streamer.
  • While ASMR itself is not considered a sexual phenomenon, the Twitch community engaged in heated discussions on the topic of earlicking ASMR. One reason for this was the camera perspectives chosen for the stream so far, which showed the often female streamers in suggestive positions while they were doing the earlicking sessions.

If you want to watch certain clips from the earlicking ASMR sessions even after the stream has ended, our practical tip that explains how you can rewind the livestreams will help.

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