Planning a business trip: How to organise yourself properly

by Corinna

If you want to plan a business trip, it is good to have a few points of reference so that nothing is forgotten. After all, a few things need to be thought of, such as booking flights and having someone to cover for the out-of-office post.

Planning a business trip: the most important pointers

Once you have planned the outline dates, it is quite easy to plan the trip.

  • Cause: To be able to plan, you first need a cause for the trip.
  • Business partners: Find out which business partners need to be contacted in the process and which of your employees is best suited for the trip.
  • Destination: A central location that is easy to reach for everyone involved is a good idea here. If something has to be clarified on the spot abroad, this should become the travel destination.
  • Travel period: Set a travel period. This is normally based on how the business partners are available.
  • Transportation: Depending on the destination, it must be decided whether the trip can be made by car, or whether train, bus or plane are better options.
  • Replacement: Many posts should not be unfilled in the absence. Accordingly, a replacement must be selected for the post.

Further planning steps

Once you have determined the framework data for yourself, further planning takes place.

  • Bookings: Make the bookings for the means of transport, as well as for the accommodation and, if the business partner does not take care of this, for the meeting rooms.
  • Insurances: Ensure that all staff are covered.
  • Entry documents: Apply for entry documents, such as visa, in good time, bearing in mind that you will probably need a business visa outside Europe. Other entry requirements can be found on the website of the German Foreign Office. You may also need an A1 certificate to be able to work abroad without problems for the duration of the business trip.
  • Business documents: Since you want to present something to the business partner, these must be compiled and taken with you.
  • Luggage: This is up to each person to pack for themselves, however it is a good idea to write yourself a checklist.
  • Check-in: This must not be forgotten under any circumstances, as otherwise extra costs may be incurred at the airport.

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