Google USA: How do I get to

by Tobias

Getting to the Google USA page is not at all straightforward. Even if you open “”, Google will redirect you to the German site. However, there is a simple trick to reach the American website of the search engine.

Google USA: How to access the US version

The former trick of using “/ncr” – which is the abbreviation for “no country redirection” – to get to the US Google page unfortunately no longer works.

  • You can block the automatic redirection to the German Google page by simply calling up “” instead of “”. This will take you to Google USA. This will take you to Google USA.
  • You will probably still see the page in German. If you want to change this too, click on “Settings” and “Search settings” at the very bottom of the Google homepage.
  • On the left side of the menu you will see the item “Languages”. If you select “English” here, the US version of Google will be displayed in English under the above link.

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