Download iOS 16 Beta: How to get the update earlier

by Pramith

Some users can already download a beta for iOS 16. However, this only applies to participants of a certain programme. If you want to test the public beta of Apple’s new operating system, you still have to be patient.

iOS 16: Who can download the first beta?

In June 2022, Apple introduced the iOS 16 operating system. But before this will be available to all users, there are several beta versions. The first is the beta under Apple’s Developer Programme.

  • The Apple Developer Programme is aimed at companies and individuals/businesses who want to provide apps for the App Store, Apple Business Manager or Apple School Manager.
  • The fee for the programme is the equivalent of US$99 per year.
  • To install the iOS 16 Beta under the Developer Programme, you will need to download the Configuration Profile. You will then need to follow the installation instructions.
  • The update can be found via Settings ☻ General ☻ Software update.
  • Then go to Load and Install.
  • When you tap Install, you update your iPhone immediately. However, you can also have the update done at night or be reminded later.
  • Type in your code when prompted.
  • Make sure your iPhone is connected to a power cable during the update.
  • It’s best to make a backup first before installing the beta.

iOS 16: Public Beta

But even without joining the Developer Program, you can test a beta of iOS 16. However, the public beta is only available later than the developer beta.

  • To test public iOS betas and other public betas from Apple, you must participate in the Apple Beta Software Programme.
    To participate, all you need is an Apple ID. Register with it.
    • Then go to the Public Beta Guide and select iOS.
    • Then go to the Register your iOS device item.
    • Tap Load Profile and then tap Allow.
    • After that, go to the settings of your iPhone and under General go to Profile.
      Click on iOS & iPadOS Beta Software Profile and then on Install. Enter your device code
    • After rebooting, find the beta under Settings ☻ General ☻ Software Update. Click on Load and Install and type in your code.
    • Participation in the programme and beta versions are free.
    • If you have registered your iPhone in the Beta Software Programme, you will automatically receive the public betas via the software updates.
    • Feedback on the beta can be given via the integrated Feedback Assistant app.
    • The public beta is expected to be made available in July 2022.
    • You should also back up the public beta before installing.
    • iOS 16 is available for all iPhones starting with the iPhone 8/8 Plus or for devices that previously had iOS 14 or 15.

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