Nitrado down: What you can do in case of malfunctions

by Johannes

If your Nitrado servers are down, this can have various causes. Most of the time the problem can be solved by itself with a little waiting time

Nitrado down: Possible problems

Ark: Survival Evolved, DayZ or Rust are among the most popular games that are available via Nitrado servers. If the service is down, there can be various causes:

  • The most common cause of problems with Nitrado is server overload. In this case you have to wait until the servers are available again.
  • Updates to the servers or supported games often result in downtime. Nitrado provides a Twitter account with status updates in case of such problems.
  • If Nitrado is down or the game hangs, restarting the server can help. After that, all players can log in again.
  • If the problems persist, contact Nitrado customer support.

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