Report fraudulent text messages: Simple instructions

by Mike

If you have been the victim or injured party of a scam text message, you can report it either to the Federal Network Agency or to the police

Report fraudulent text messages to the Federal Network Agency

If you have been the victim or injured party of a scam text message, you can report it. One point of contact is the Federal Network Agency, where you can report spam and fraud via fake text messages and they will use and forward your information to prosecute the fraud.

  • In the message you can forward all data such as phone number or display name, message, date and time as well as a screenshot so that this message has been reported.
  • If you have not been harmed any further, you should delete the SMS and block the sender. However, you should still report it to protect others from the scam
  • There are always spam text messages going around that want to take money out of people’s pockets, like the “Hello mom, hello dad” messages.
  • You can also report the scam text messages to your mobile phone provider so that they can block the number or log suspicious activity. Scam text messages are often sent as spam in cohorts of phone numbers

Report fraud text messages to the police

If you have been victimized by a scam text message, you should report it to the police. Unfortunately, it happens far too quickly that you click on a link or reply to legitimate messages. In this case, keep the messages and do not delete them under any circumstances.

  • If you have suffered financial loss or believe it is a serious scam, you should also report the incident to the local police. Some federal states also offer this online, similar to the Federal Network Agency.
  • The police will record your details and also save the telephone number or sender’s name as well as the text and make a note of the damage you have suffered.
  • There are also insurance companies that insure against internet and online fraud, so reporting it to the police can help you enforce your claims.

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