Mobile data does not work – this may be the reason

by Pramith

You need mobile data to be able to surf on your smartphone when you are on the move. If they do not work, you should act quickly. Here’s what you can do about it

Mobile data not working: what to do when your mobile data is gone

If you want to use mobile surfing, you need to activate the mobile data on your mobile phone. You can do this in the status bar at the top or in the settings, depending on your smartphone. First swipe across your status bar and check whether the symbol with the two arrows (usually next to the WLAN symbol) is active. If you want to check whether the mobile data connection is active in the settings, proceed as follows:

  • Android: Open the settings via the cogwheel symbol. Under Connections – Data usage – Mobile data connection you can switch mobile surfing on and off.
  • iOS: Under General – Mobile Network you will find a slider for Mobile Data. This activates or deactivates the mobile internet.

Mobile surfing does not work: More tips

If the mobile network is activated and you still can’t surf, download or stream, then it could be due to the following problems:

  • Ahead of time: A restart always helps. First switch your device off and then on again. This usually solves the problem.
  • Bad reception: You can tell if you simply have bad reception by the symbol next to the bars. There you will usually find 4G or 3G. You may also see E, H or G there. These are abbreviations for the respective networks and they have different speeds. Look for a better location.
  • Empty credit: Mobile Internet is not free. If you are using a prepaid card, it may be empty. Check your balance.
  • Data volume used up: Even with a flat rate, the data volume is limited. You may have already used up your fast internet for this month. In this case, you will usually receive an info from the provider, often by SMS. You can check your current data consumption on Android and iOS in the settings.
  • Supplier fault: Sometimes there are faults with your provider. So just try again later, this is usually fixed quickly. Alternatively, you can check at allestö

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