Online gym: 3 recommended providers in comparison

by Corinna

Whoever doesn’t have time to go to the gym likes to resort to the online gym. But the choice is now so large that it’s easy to lose track of them all.

Gymondo – online gym comparison

You probably already know the online fitness studio Gymondo from TV commercials: training in your own four walls, combined with nutrition plans.

  • Workouts: With more than 130 workout videos, Gymondo may not have as many as NewMoove, but you still have a wide selection to choose from. In addition, courses such as “Fit in 10 weeks” and yoga are offered free of charge with the subscription. A distinction is made between cardio and figure training, strength building, dance as well as yoga and Pilates.
  • Training plan: After you have answered a few questions about your athleticism, a training plan will be created for you, some of which you can still change.
  • Nutrition: The Gymondo nutrition plan is included in the subscription. Gymondo advertises natural ingredients and that the plans have been developed by experts.
  • Cost and subscription: You can also try Gymondo for free for 7 days initially. After that, 3 months are offered for 32.99 euros, 6 months for 54.99 euros and 12 months for 74.99 euros. This makes it cheaper than NewMoove.

Freeletics: intensive training with a large community

Another high-intensity online gym is Freeletics. You can also do these workouts at any time, both indoors and outdoors. In the process, the Freeletics community makes it even more fun and motivating as well.

  • Workouts: Freeletics has an enormous selection of exercises that are primarily aimed at getting your body in the best shape. They are divided into fat burning and definition, muscle building and a combination of both. A great feature of the community is that you can compete against others from the community – this serves as motivation in any case.
  • Training plan: Your individual training plan is created according to your desired goal. This is supplemented by an initial test to determine your current fitness level. Depending on your weekly progress, your training plan will also be adjusted – a very good feature.
  • Nutrition: Again, you will be given a nutrition plan with new recipes and ideas each week. These recipes are mainly aimed at a high protein, but at the same time low carbohydrate diet.
  • Cost and subscription: You can test Freeletics for an unlimited period of time, but only certain basic functions and a slimmed-down selection of exercises. If you opt for the premium version including a nutrition plan, you will pay 34.99 euros for 3 months, 59.99 euros for 6 months and 79.99 euros for 12 months.

NewMoove – Online gym with huge selection

NewMoove offers a colourful, well-structured online gym where beginners and advanced users in particular get their money’s worth. However, if you want to pump yourself up, you are in the wrong place.

  • Workouts: With over 400 videos and workouts ranging from 5 to 60 minutes, there’s something for everyone. The categories range from yoga and Pilates to muscle building, business workouts and relaxation programmes. In addition, there are offers such as a “Fit for the slopes” workout.
  • Training plan: The training plan is divided into 3 difficulty levels: beginner, advanced and expert. Together with a personal coach, you create an individual training plan that is adapted to your wishes and needs.
  • Nutrition: Together with cooking videos, recipes and nutrition plans, your online fitness studio NewMoove becomes the right helper for a healthy life.
  • Cost and Subscription: In advance, you can test the online gym in a one-week trial phase – without automatic renewal. Afterwards, you can subscribe for 12 months for 8.90 euros a month, 6 months for 9.90 euros or 3 months for 12.90 euros. You can make real savings with a one-off payment, because then you pay around 25 % less.

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