iPhone: Activate voice isolation in FaceTime – this is how it works

by Johannes

With voice isolation on the iPhone, you can now also change audio profiles in FaceTime and use other features of video chat such as blurred backgrounds and cross-platform calls to Android.

This is voice isolation on iPhone

With iOS 15 comes quite a few new features on the iPhone and iPad for FaceTime such as voice isolation as an audio profile, blurred backgrounds and the ability to make video calls to Android devices.

  • Voice isolation is a feature especially designed to improve voice quality.
  • The software can isolate your voice from ambient noise so that the person you are talking to can understand you better, even if there is noise and bustle around you.
  • So even loud noise sources like hoovers are said to be almost inaudible while you’re having a conversation in FaceTime.
  • In conjunction with noise-cancelling headphones, you will then be able to FaceTime undisturbed even in noisy environments.

How to activate voice isolation on iPhone

The new features are available after the update of iOS 15. The voice profiles can be easily changed. To enable voice isolation, you just need to follow a few simple steps.

  • Open FaceTime and start a FaceTime call.
  • During the video call, you can view and change options in the Control Centre.
  • Select Mode and there select Voice Isolation to activate the mode.
  • Then close the control centre again.
  • The opposite of Voice Isolation is Wide Spectrum. Here, the surroundings are also made clearly audible. This can be useful, for example, if you have a lot of people sitting at your iPhone and they all want to say something, or if you want to share music or special listening environments with your conversation partner via FaceTime.

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