Set iPhone 15 Dynamic Island: How it works

by Pramith

On the iPhone 15, Apple offers you an innovative function with Dynamic Island. Setting it up is quick and easy and it’s worth trying out

iPhone 15 – How to set Dynamic Island

Apple introduced Dynamic Island with the iPhone 14 Pro and you can also find this exciting function on the iPhone 15. Once you have set up Dynamic Island, the function offers you a wide range of options for managing notifications on the iPhone 15, for example.

  • To set up Dynamic Island, first go to “Open settings”.
  • Then tap on “Display & Brightness”.
  • After you have selected “Dynamic Island”, you can activate the function.
  • To specify which apps are allowed to display notifications, go to the “Settings” of Dynamic Island.

iPhone 15 Dynamic Island – this is what the function offers

The Dynamic Island function is just one of the innovative features with which the iPhone 15 aims to score points:

  • Notifications and status information: Dynamic Island displays notifications from previously selected apps. If you are interested, tap the notification to open the app
  • Status information: To quickly display information such as the battery status, time or weather, simply tap Dynamic Island.
  • Timer and other activities: You can also control the timer and other ongoing activities directly via the Dynamic Island.
  • Media: You can also easily control the playback of media, such as music playback, via Dynamic Island on the iPhone 15.

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