Set up the Apple Watch for children: These settings make it work

by Pramith

An Apple Watch can also be useful for children to record activities and use apps. The child does not need their own iPhone to use it. It is set up using a parent’s mobile device.

Apple Watch for kids: how to set it up

In order for children to use an Apple Watch without their own iPhone, parents must set up the watch through Family Configuration. Family Configuration is available for the Apple Watch with the watchOS 7 operating system and later. The Apple Watch Series 7 in particular offers children many possibilities thanks to its large display.

  • In order to use the family configuration, Apple Family Sharing must be set up. To set up the Apple Watch, the child or a parent will need an Apple ID.
  • To use cellular services with the Watch, you will need a cellular plan. Check with your mobile phone provider for more detailed information.
  • Before pairing the Apple Watch for your child, you must first wipe the device so it does not contain any data.
  • Turn on the watch and tap “Continue” or open the Apple Watch app and select “All Apple Watches”.
  • Select “Configure for a family member” and bring your iPhone near the watch. When it is visible in the app’s viewfinder, you can pair the devices.
  • Tap “Configure Apple Watch” and follow the next steps on your iPhone and Apple Watch.
  • To manage your child’s watch, open the Apple Watch app and tap ” All Apple Watches” first, then select the watch under ” Family Watches”.
  • The WatchOS 7 operating system also offers features specifically designed for older people. They too can use the Apple Watch via the family configuration.

These functions can be used by your child

Children can access many features of the Apple Watch without their own iPhone.

  • The Watch can be used to make phone calls and FaceTime audio calls, as well as receive messages and emails. Apple Watch wearers can also communicate with each other using the walkie-talkie function.
  • The Memoji app lets kids customise and share memojis on the Apple Watch.
  • Children have the ability to track their calendar appointments and activate reminders using their own Apple ID.
  • When the Apple Watch is connected to speakers or headphones via Bluetooth, kids can use it to listen to music or podcasts.
  • For children under 13, physical activity goals on the Apple Watch are displayed in minutes of activity instead of calories. Coaching messages for workouts are written in child-friendly language.
  • Children can invite friends to activities or challenge them to competitions.
  • Apps can be downloaded to the watch via the App Store. Parents have the option to specify which apps the child is allowed to download.

Apple Watch features for parents

Through the Apple Watch, parents can supervise, communicate or share pictures with their child.

  • Parents can choose which contacts the child can access on the Apple Watch.
  • Parents can access their child’s location through the Find People or Where’s app.
  • With the watch, emergency services can be alerted and parents can be stored as emergency contacts. The emergency passport provides important health data in an emergency.
  • Family sharing members who own an iPhone can share photo albums with other family members.
  • As a parent, you can specify which apps your child can download and which apps are automatically downloaded. The “ask before buying” option prevents children from buying apps without consulting you.
  • Parents can set a screen time limit and schedules for school and class time for their child.

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