Using the Apple Watch without an iPhone – what you need to know

by Mike

You can also use an Apple Watch without an iPhone. Using it with an Android smartphone is more complicated. In this article we explain what you need to know about this.

Using the Apple Watch without an iPhone: What you need to know

If you want to use an Apple Watch with an Android smartphone, you will run into problems because the Apple Watch is not compatible with an Android device. To use all the features of the Apple Watch, you need an iPhone.

  • As an Android user, you can use an Apple Watch with limited features. However, this is only the case if you have an old iPhone or one of your family members has an iPhone. In this case, you use the “family configuration”. Because to set up the Apple Watch, an iPhone is necessary in spite of everything.
  • Features such as the payment function, messages, ECG, sleep or mirroring WhatsApp messages cannot be used with an Android smartphone. Only receiving or making phone calls, receiving emails and the calendar and compass are available.
  • The Apple Watch is a smartwatch. It is basically an extension for your iPhone. Therefore, to set up the Apple Watch and prepare it for further use, you need a smartphone.
  • Because the Apple Watch is not compatible with an Android smartphone, it can only be set up with an iPhone. Once you have set it up, you can certainly use it when your iPhone is not around. There are many functions available for you to use.
  • Be aware that the Apple Watch needs a connection to the WLAN or mobile network to send the data to your iPhone. Otherwise, you can use many functions without WLAN.

You can use these functions without your iPhone

If your iPhone is not nearby and you are not connected to Wi-Fi, your Apple Watch can still be used with the following features.

  • Entertainment: You can listen to music, audiobooks and podcasts. You can also view your photo albums.
  • Documents: Your IDs, such as your student card, and tickets can still be viewed.
  • GPS: Search for people, objects, devices.
  • Clock: Continue to use the clock, world clock, your stopwatch, alarm clock or timer.
  • Health: You can have your heart rate measured, your activities recorded as well as your workout.

Activities on the Internet only work with WLAN or mobile phones

All other functions that allow you to send data or add photos and music only work if you have Internet. The iPhone does not need to be nearby for this to work.

  • So installing new apps, loading photos, podcasts and music will only work if your Apple Watch is connected to the internet.
  • The weather display, stock quotes and controlling your home will also work in this case.
  • Phone calls only work if you have previously activated WLAN calls in the settings.
  • The walkie-talkie function only works if the unit has access to the Internet.

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