Can you recover a formatted hard disk?

by Pramith

In most cases, a hard disk that has just been formatted can be restored without problems if you pay attention to a few points

Important: Do not write to the hard disk again

Formatting the hard disk initially only deletes the table of contents of the hard disk. The data is therefore still there. Your computer just no longer knows where they are.

  • Avoid all write operations on the hard disk. By rewriting data, you overwrite the old files and make it very difficult to restore them quickly.
  • If it is an external, additional hard disk, you should simply not save any files on the data carrier.
  • If you have formatted your main hard disk when installing an operating system, this is more difficult. You will then need another computer, another hard disk with an operating system or a boot CD.

Restore formatted hard disk

With a little luck, you can still recover most of the files on a formatted hard disk.

  • Connect the hard disk to a PC with a functioning operating system.
  • There are many programs available to recover the data. For example, you can use “Recuva” or “Easeus Data Recovery Wizard”. With most freeware programs of this type, you can purchase additional premium content, but the free range of functions is usually sufficient.
  • Let the program search the formatted hard disk. Please note that the process can take several hours or even days, depending on the capacity of the hard disk. You will also need a data carrier with enough space to store the recovered files
  • After all files have been recovered, you must sort them manually. Data that you deleted in the recycle bin a long time ago will also appear. For a better overview, use the “Created on” and “Modified on” sorting of your operating system.
  • If your important data does not appear during the restore, the process is not possible without further ado. Many programs also offer searches for overwritten files, but this service usually costs extra.
  • The last option is to have your files restored by an expert. You can now find this service in most electrical stores, but it will cost you more than 60 euros.

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