Discord doesn’t work: Typical problems and their solution

by Tobias

When Discord doesn’t work, it’s not always easy to find the cause. There are simple steps you can take to get Discord working again, both on your PC and on your smartphone.

Discord does not work: rule out the problem

Any online service is subject to malfunctions or maintenance. If you can’t connect or are stuck in the login, check if Discord is down.

  • Check Discordstatus.com to see if Discord is down. If so, all you can do is wait until the servers are back online.
  • If Discord is not down, check whether your own internet connection is working by calling up any internet site. On your smartphone, make sure you are using Wi-Fi or mobile data.
  • If you have no Internet, restart your router.

Solutions for the PC: How to get Discord working again

If Discord does not open or does not run properly, you do not necessarily need to reinstall it. Try the following steps first.

  • Restart your PC. This will fix many small problems that could be blocking Discord.
  • Open the task manager with the key combination [Control] + [Shift] + [Escape] and see if Discord is still open. This may also be the case if you do not have a Discord window. Right-click the entry and select “End Task”.
  • Press [Windows key] and type “Discord”. Right-click the entry and select “Start as Administrator”. Confirm the prompt with “Yes”, Discord should open.
  • If Discord still does not work, check your security settings. Temporarily disable your anti-virus software and firewall. If it works, activate the services again and add Discord as an exception. You can find the setting within the respective software or in Windows Security.
  • Click the [Windows key] again to start a search query. Search for “Discord” and right-click to select “Uninstall. The Control Panel will open and you can uninstall Discord – don’t worry, your account and chat histories will remain. Then download Discord for Desktop and reinstall the software.
  • If it still doesn’t work, contact Discord customer service for help.

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