Discord: Update failed – what you can do

by Flo

Discord acknowledges an error during the update process with the message “Update failed”. We explain the most common causes of errors and show you possible solutions.

Discord: Error during update or installation – here’s how to proceed

If there is a problem updating to a new version or during installation under Windows, a manual and clean reinstallation will help:

  • First close all instances of Discord. So look in the taskbar and quit Discord via the right-click menu.
  • In the task manager, check whether Discord processes are still running in the background and terminate them if necessary. This also includes the Discord web interface.
  • Now you need to manually remove the Discord program files. These folders can be found in the AppData area of Windows.
  • You need to delete two folders in total. Execute the key combination [WINDOWS] + [R] and type “%appdata%” into the field and confirm with “OK” (see screenshot). This will open the actually hidden AppData folder directly.
  • Now search for the subfolder “Discord” and delete it. Proceed in exactly the same way in the folder “%LocalAppData%”.
  •  Then download the latest version from our download area and install it. If errors occur again, it sometimes helps if you right-click on the file and execute it as administrator.


Start Discord in Compatibility Mode

Sometimes it can also be helpful if you start Discord by compatibility mode:

    • The executable file you need to start in compatibility mode can be found via the path: “%LocalAppData%/Discord/*VersionNumber*”. You reach it identically to the fourth point in the first paragraph.
    • This approach applies mainly to Windows 10 users. Try the compatibility mode for Windows 7 and 8.

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