TSV file: What you need to know about the file format

by Corinna

You may have already come across the TSV file format. What exactly is behind it is well worth knowing

TSV file: What’s behind it

TSV stands for “Tab Separated Values” and is a file format that is often used to store data in tabular form.

  • TSV files are text files that contain tabular data. The data in a TSV file is separated by tabs, which means that it is arranged in columns.
  • In contrast to other tabular file formats such as CSV (Comma Separated Values), TSV files use tabs instead of commas to separate the data. This often makes them easier to read and process.
  • TSV files are often used in applications that support databases, spreadsheets and other data processing programs. They can be used to exchange data between different systems and applications.
  • Their advantages are simple structures that make it easier to read and edit the data, universal compatibility with different programs and platforms, as well as the small file size compared to binary formats.
  • Developers use TSV files in their programs to store and process data. With the help of libraries and frameworks, they can easily access the data and use it in their applications.

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