How rich is Heidi Klum? The star’s fortune and salary

by Johannes

If you’re wondering how rich Heidi Klum is, you’ve come to the right place. We show you what Heidi Klum’s salary is made up of and what assets the German ex-model has at her disposal

How rich is Heidi Klum?

There are different estimates of how high Heidi Klum’s income is: Around 18 million euros a year is estimated by Wealth Magazine (as of 2020). The trade magazine Forbes estimates slightly more income at just under 40 million US dollars (approx. 35 million euros) (as of 26.02.2021). The salary results from several jobs in which the German ex-model is active:

  • Of course, a big source of Heidi’s income is the show “Germany’s Next Topmodel”. She is said to receive a fee of around 10 million euros for the show (as of 26.02.2021).
  • However, she is not only active as a presenter, but also as a TV producer. Heidi produced many shows herself, for example “Models of the Runway”.
  • Heidi Klum was also active as an actress. For example, she starred in “Ocean’s 8” and “The Devil Wears Prada”.
  • Another source of income for the show star: Due to her fame, she is in great demand for a wide variety of advertising deals and earns her money with this as well.
  • In addition, she is also sponsored on social media by many brands and earns money by promoting them.

Wealth of Heidi Klum

In total, Heidi Klum’s net worth is estimated to be around 130 million euros (as of 06/01/2022):

  • Heidi Klum is the most famous model in Germany.She started modelling for Victoria’s Secret in 1998. Since then she is very famous and in demand for many jobs.
  • Heidi has also been in many big advertising campaigns: Nike, McDonalds and Volkswagen are just a few examples.
  • She has also hosted the popular show “Germany’s Next Topmodel” for 15 seasons now.
  • On Instagram, Heidi has 7.4 million followers, to whom she introduces various companies and products.
  • Heidi’s daughter Leni Klum is already following in mum’s footsteps as a model in her teens.

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