Activating Auto Mode on Android – What you need to know

by Johannes

On Android, you can use useful apps and functions with Auto Mode when you are on the road with your car. In this practical tip, we tell you how to activate and use the mode.

Android: Using car mode on your smartphone

As of June 2022, Android Auto is no longer available as an app. The function can now only be used via the displays of already connected cars.

Google alternatively offers a dedicated driving mode within Google Maps. With this so-called “Google Assistant Driving Mode”, similar functions are offered as previously with Android Auto.

  • In order to use the new Google Assistant driving mode, you need to establish a Bluetooth connection between your Android and your car. Once connected, you can click the associated notification and activate the driving mode.
  • If you don’t get an option to start Driving Mode, you need to check your Google Assistant Driving Mode settings.
  • To open the settings, instruct your voice assistant, “Hey Google, open Assistant settings”. Now tap on the “Car” transport function. Here you can view and edit your settings.
  • Furthermore, the Google Assistant driving mode will start automatically as soon as you open Google Maps on your smartphone.
  • Simply open the pre-installed Google Maps app on your smartphone and enter your destination. As soon as you start the navigation, the driving mode is activated.
  • Within the mode, you can make calls, send messages and control the music output via the Google voice assistant, using the command “Hey Google”.
  • To open an app while in drive mode, click the “Auto” option within Google Maps. You can then open an app via the app launcher.

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