Cell Broadcast: Disable message – should you do it?

by Corinna

So-called “cell broadcast” messages are sometimes annoying and confusing, as they usually come without warning and abruptly play loud sounds on mobile devices. However, it is not advisable to deactivate the messages.

What is Cell Broadcast?

Cell broadcast messages, or “CB” for short, are messages that are sent to all subscribers within the mobile phone cell. In this way, messages can be sent within a short time to, for example, the entire population that is currently within a predefined radius.

  • In many countries, call broadcast has long been used to warn of dangers and disasters – in Japan, for example, for earthquake warning.
  • In Germany, too, the technology for warning of disasters is now to be increasingly used. It is thus intended to complement the warning apps and the partly outdated siren system. On 08 December 2022, the technology was tested for the first time on a large scale with all mobile phone subscribers.
  • For this reason, deactivation is generally not advisable. It is important that you can be informed quickly in dangerous and catastrophic situations, such as drinking water hazards, fires, attacks or diseases.
  • Reading tip:In this article you will learn exactly how Cell Broadcast works and how it will be used on warning days and for disasters.

Cell Broadcast: These requirements exist to receive the message

    • Device: The BKK has published a list of all devices that are able to receive cell broadcast messages
    • Settings: For iOS, you must enable all three sliders (Extreme Danger, Danger Information, Test Alerts) in Settings under Notifications ☻ Cell Broadcast Alerts to also receive the trial messages.
    • Updates: Make sure your unit is up to date.
    • Warning apps: To be on the safe side, you should also install warning apps on your mobile phone to ensure that you receive the messages and notices in any case. Here you can find an overview of all warning apps.
    • State: Your device must be switched on and not in flight mode.

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