PS4 controller does not connect: What you can do

by Pramith

If your PlayStation does not recognise the PS4 controller, this can have several causes. We show you how to reconnect your controller.

PS4 controller won’t connect: suggested solutions

If your controller won’t connect, here are some ways to solve the problem:

  • Connection: Remove the controller from the USB cable, turn off the PlayStation completely and disconnect the power. Reconnect the console to the power, plug the controller into the USB cable and restart the PlayStation.
  • Wireless connection: If you do not have a suitable cable at hand, you can also connect the controller wirelessly. However, this requires that another controller is already connected to the PS4. Go to “Devices” and “Bluetooth devices” in the “Settings”. If an entry already exists, delete it. Then press and hold the PlayStation and Share button for 10 seconds. The wireless connection is then established.
  • Reset: On the back of the controller you will find a small hole at the top right. Press a toothpick, paper clip or biros into it for a few seconds. The controller will be reset and can then be reconnected.
  • Replacement: Change both the controller and the cable to find the cause of the problem. In many cases, the USB cable can wear out quickly.
  • Screw on: If you still haven’t found the fault, you can unscrew the controller and search for errors. Some users report loosened cable connections.
  • Repair: As a last resort, you are left with a repair by a specialist or claiming the manufacturer’s warranty.

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