Rail: Comfort check-in – this is how it works

by Pramith

With the “comfort check-in”, you can check your own tickets in the train and save yourself the check by the train attendant on the ICE. We explain how the whole thing works and what you need to look out for.

Comfort Check-in: This is how the Deutsche Bahn service works

With Comfort Check-in, you can sit in your seat and check in via smartphone app. The train attendant or conductor then knows from your seat number that a check-in is no longer necessary. In detail, it works like this:

  • Call up your ticket in the DB Navigator for Android or iOS under “My tickets”.
  • If your booking supports the new comfort check-in, this will be highlighted with the note “Comfort check-in possible”.
  • Select your booking and tap on the red button “Comfort Check-in “
  • Then you need to see which seat you are in. You can usually find the seat number directly above your seat or in the headrest of your seat. You can find the carriage number on the display in your compartment.
  • Once you have entered the details, you can select the “Check in now” button.
  • If the process was successful, the app briefly displays a confirmation. You will then be taken back to the itinerary where your seat is now entered.
  • By looking at your seat, the ticket inspector will know that you have already checked in and will therefore not ask for your ticket.
  • If you have a seat reservation, comfort check-in is even easier. You do not have to enter your seat separately, but can press “Check in now” directly.

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