Samsung Galaxy constantly restarts – what you can do.

by Johannes

If your Samsung Galaxy smartphone constantly restarts, there are various approaches to solving the problem. What these are and what you need to consider in detail, we tell you in this practical tip.

Samsung Galaxy restarts constantly: How you can solve the problem

In many cases, the problem lies in the cache partition of your Samsung smartphone. This is sometimes where remnants of the older software version are stored, which can cause problems. To fix them, you need to clear the cache. To do this, proceed as follows:

  • Turn off your device and press the Volume Up button and and the Power button simultaneously for a few seconds. When the screen lights up, you can release the buttons and the recovery mode will start.
  • To reset the cache, navigate to the “wipe cache partition” entry in the menu with the volume buttons and confirm with the power button. Afterwards you have to confirm this again.
  • Downloaded apps on the smartphone can also be responsible for the constant reboots. To check this, start your smartphone in safe mode. To do so, turn off your smartphone again and restart it while pressing the Volume Down button and the Power button at the same time.
  • When the screen lights up, the device is in safe mode and you can release the buttons. If the phone works in this mode, the problem is with one of the apps you have installed. This is because third-party apps will not launch automatically in safe mode.
  • Consider when the problem started occurring and which app you may have installed since then. You can uninstall the app via the settings and the “Apps” item. Select the app here and tap on “Uninstall”.

If nothing helps: Reset or repair

If these approaches didn’t help, you can try to reset your smartphone to factory settings.

  • To do this, put your Samsung Galaxy into recovery mode – as described in the first paragraph. Then select “wipe data/factory reset” and confirm your selection.
  • Please note that your smartphone will be restored to factory state and you will lose your data. Therefore, back up all important files and apps by creating a backup.
  • If this step is also unsuccessful, your smartphone is probably defective. In this case, you need to contact the Samsung repair service.

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