Restarting the phone: What you should know

by Mike

You restart your phone in the same way on almost every device. This function can also be useful sometimes

Restarting your phone: This is how it works

Depending on the model and system of your phone – whether Android or iOS – the reboot functions may differ. In general, however, this works the same way on every device.

  • Instructions: Press and hold the power button and the down button at the same time. On some units, you only need to press and hold the power button. A display appears on the screen. You now usually have to press a button for your telephone to switch off or restart. If you have selected a restart, the unit will then restart again.
  • Problem solving: The restart can be used, for example, to remove cache files or files from the working memory. If problems occur with the device, a restart can help to eliminate the problem. Therefore, it is worth having your device rebooted once a month.
  • Suspiciousness: If your unit keeps restarting on its own, there are problems with the unit. It is best to contact a professional or the support of the machine manufacturer. In addition, read the operating instructions for your device to find out what the problem might be. On a Samsung Galaxy, constant rebooting indicates a problem with cache partitioning.

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