WhatsApp: Companion mode – the new function explained

by Johannes

Thanks to the new Companion Mode on WhatsApp, you can no longer use the messenger on just one smartphone, but on several devices at the same time. So far, the function is only available in a beta version for Android.

WhatsApp: That’s what’s behind the Companion Mode

Until now, you had to log off your old smartphone from WhatsApp if you wanted to connect a new device to the messenger. This is to change in future thanks to Companion Mode.

  • Companion is English and translates as companion. WhatsApp is rolling out a new feature where one smartphone will function as the main device and up to four other devices can be connected as companions.
  • The advantage: If you use several smartphones at the same time, you no longer have to log off WhatsApp on one device to use it on another. Your chats are synchronised with each other on all phones.
  • If you use a second or third device, WhatsApp will continue to run on it, even if the main device does not have an active internet connection.
  • To set up Companion Mode, you need to go to the Help menu on WhatsApp under Settings. There you can generate a QR code, which you then scan with the second mobile phone and thus connect the smartphone to WhatsApp.
  • This is also how pairing a smartphone with the desktop already works if you want to use WhatsApp Web.
  • So far, Companion Mode is only available for beta version for Android. In the future, however, the feature will be rolled out to all users.

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