WhatsApp: Record voice messages hands-free – this is how

by Michaela

If you want to record voice messages on WhatsApp hands-free, this is no problem on most smartphones. We’ll explain how to do it.

Instruction: Record voice messages on WhatsApp hands-free

Those who like to record minute-long voice messages will appreciate this feature. It has already been available for iPhone users since the end of 2018. An update for Android is still to come, but so far we are waiting in vain.

  • First open the desired chat in which you want to record the voice message.
  • Now press and hold the microphone icon as usual to record a voicemail.
  • Drag the icon upwards and a lock icon will appear.
  • Let go of the microphone and it will lock into the lock. You can now record the voicemail hands-free.
  • To send the message, tap the Send button. Alternatively, select the “Cancel” option.

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