Alexa household profile: How to use Echo with several people

by Pramith

The Alexa household profile is a practical function. Each household member receives an individual profile for the use of smart home devices such as Echo.

Alexa household profile – what’s behind it

  • Using the household profile, you can share many convenient features. These include, for example, the calendar, reminders, the alarm clock, shopping lists, to-do lists and, last but not least, the various Echo Dots and smart home devices.
  • However, not everything can be shared using the household profile. If you want to share Amazon Music Unlimited, you will have to use Amazon’s family subscription. Also, you cannot share your own groups and routines using the household profile.
  • Once the household profiles have been set up, you can quickly find out which profile is currently active by asking “Alexa, which account is this? If necessary, use the command “Alexa, switch account” to call up your own profile.

Alexa household profile – how to set up the user profiles

To set up a new household profile, first go to the Alexa app and log in. Then proceed as follows:

  • After you have clicked on the “More” option, go to the “Settings”.
  • In the settings, go to “My profile and family”.
  • Finally, activate the menu item “Add someone else” and then set up another user profile.

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