Lose weight with Ring Fit Adventure: What you should know

by Estelle

Lose weight with Ring Fit Adventure – in this article we will tell you how this can work and what possibilities the game from Nintendo offers. With this game you can get off the sofa.

Lose weight with Ring Fit Adventure – the principle of the game

Those who think that gamers always just sit motionless on the couch and at most use their thumbs are mistaken. At least when it comes to the Ring Fit Adventure active game for the Nintendo Switch. With this game for the console, you can be active at home without a gym and get rid of pesky kilos.

  • In contrast to other fitness applications, this game is about a real adventure that the gamer can only pass if he shows proper physical effort. Sufficient space is therefore an absolute prerequisite.
  • The most important utensil of this game is the eponymous Ring Con. Combined with a leg strap, it lets the console know what movements the player is making.
  • Thanks to individually adjustable modes, the game can be adapted to the user’s training level. From gentle exercises to extremely sweaty workouts, the right level of difficulty is available for almost every gamer in the various mini-games.
  • A silent mode is also available. This is especially valuable if you live in an apartment building and want to be considerate of the neighbours. Running on the spot is replaced by squats, for example.
  • Whether you want to canoe or fight a dragon – you always have to do the appropriate exercises to reach the desired goal. In an exciting role-playing game, you become the well-trained hero of the game.

How to lose the pounds

Naturally, it exercises your muscles and increases stamina as you regularly bounce, float and run through the colourful and fun world of this Nintendo game. The energy-sapping battles against the enemies that lie in wait for you also strengthen your fitness. We tell you what else you should consider if you want to lose weight with Ring Fit Adventure.

  • Train regularly with this game. If you only go to the colourful themed worlds of Ring Fit Adventure for half an hour every two or three weeks, success is sure to elude you. Set yourself fixed training times and stick to them if possible.
  • Do not only make sure you get enough exercise before the switch. Walk short distances or cycle instead of driving. Use the stairs instead of the lift.
  • Adjust the difficulty level of the switch to your actual capabilities. Do not set your expectations too high. This may lead to frustration. After all, Ring Fit Adventure is supposed to be fun first and foremost.
  • If you want to lose weight seriously and permanently, a sporty game like Ring Fit Adventure is a good start. The small pads will melt away even more effectively if you also change your diet and, above all, put balanced and healthy foods on your menu.

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