HP printer cannot find WLAN: Causes and solutions

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If the HP printer does not find the WLAN, simple steps such as a restart often help. For persistent problems, an analysis tool from HP can help

HP printer cannot find WLAN: Reconnecting can help

If your HP printer cannot connect to your WLAN network, try the following steps first:

  • Restart your printer and your computer first
  • If you want to control your HP printer via WLAN, it should not be connected to the computer via a USB cable. The USB connection deactivates the printer’s Internet connection.
  • If the problem has not yet been resolved, check some of your router settings. To do this, you must access the router via a browser. Your router may not be able to operate in the 5.0 GHz frequency band. Make sure that the 2.4 GHz frequency band is also activated
  • Make sure that the computer and HP printer are on the same network. Only then can a connection be established between the two components

Typical WLAN problems with the HP printer and their solution

If connecting your HP printer to the Wi-Fi network did not work, go through these solutions step by step.

  • Immediate help: Your printer driver may be out of date. Try the HP Universal Print Driver first. The driver is compatible with almost all HP printers.
  • If this does not work, visit the HP support website, click on “Printers” and enter all the necessary information to find and download the correct driver. Then double-click the downloaded file and follow the instructions to install the driver.
  • If you have installed a firewall, you may need to switch it off temporarily to establish the WLAN connection to the printer.
  • Use the Windows Defender Firewall, enter “Windows Defender Firewall” in the Windows search and open the result of the same name. Then click on “Allow an app or feature through Windows Defender Firewall” on the left. Allow your printer here:
  • The printer may be too far away from the WLAN router. Try to reduce the distance and remove possible sources of WLAN interference or improve your WLAN range.
  • Connect a LAN cable to the printer to check whether the problem is really with the WLAN network. There may be a defect in the WLAN receiver
  • A useful tool is also the HP Solution Center or HP Smart – both programs are often available free of charge when the printer is first set up. Enter “HP” in the Windows search and open the program. You can then search for your printer and have it set up automatically. The printer must be switched on for this

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