Toniebox: Ear does not respond – what can you do?

by Tobias

If one ear of the Toniebox does not respond, you can no longer change the volume of the music box. Resetting the Toniebox can help to solve the problem

Ear of the Toniebox not responding: possible solutions

If the ears of the Toniebox suddenly stop responding, either a defect in the material or a small software problem may be behind it.

  • First try resetting the Toniebox. To restart, simply turn the music box upside down so that the ears are pointing down and press and hold both ears for ten seconds until you hear an audible signal.
  • If this does not work, you can reset the unit to factory settings. However, this will delete your Wi-Fi connection with the device and the content loaded onto the Toniebox.
  • Go to the Tonies website and remove the box from your household in your profile. Place the box on the charging station. Now turn the box and charging station upside down. Press and hold both ears for ten seconds until the signal sounds. Now set up the Toniebox again.
  • If the ears of the Toniebox have suffered external damage, you can make use of a repair service for which a charge is made. For 24.99 including shipping, the manufacturer will repair the ears if you send the device in.

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