Clearing your nose: Tricks, tips and home remedies

by Pramith

There are several home remedies and manoeuvres you can use to clear your nose. Despite a blocked nose, you don’t necessarily have to resort to a nasal spray thanks to natural remedies. We will show you simple tricks and economical methods.

Simple way to clear your nose

Neither nasal spray nor any other remedy is needed when you use a handle that clears your nose in just a few seconds. Accordingly, the handle is particularly practical in everyday life – you only need your two hands.

  • Place the fingertips of your index and middle fingers between your eyebrows.
  • Now take the index and middle fingers of your other hand and place them centrally on the bridge of your nose.
  • Gently pull the two points apart. You won’t feel anything yet, but you can let go after a few seconds. After about 30 seconds your nose will free itself.

Home remedy for a stuffy nose: Eat & drink

To clear your nose, you can also use natural home remedies. Above all, drink plenty of fluids. Tap water is the cheapest choice here.

  • You can clear your nose with hot teas for colds. Herbal teas such as chamomile, verbena, elderberry, thyme, sage or ginger tea are particularly suitable for this purpose.
  • Drink juices too or eat fruit rich in vitamin C. Orange juice & Co. may not help acutely against the blocked nose, but they will strengthen your immune system.
  • Soups also contain a lot of fluids and warmth. A hearty chicken soup is particularly good, but vegetarian soups based on vegetables are also suitable.
  • Hot foods like curry and chillies make your nose run and clear accordingly. Onions, chillies, garlic and ginger also contain many healthy substances that have an anti-inflammatory and expectorant effect.
  • Onion syrup helps with colds. To make it, chop a large onion and put the cubes in a sealable jar. Add two tablespoons of sugar. Shake the jar vigorously and then let it stand for 3 hours. You can then take one tablespoon of the onion syrup two to three times a day to treat your blocked nose.

Unclogging your nose with home remedies

There are other measures you can take to unblock your nose. These include inhaling, for example.

  • Fill a bowl with hot water and take a towel. Then hold your face over the bowl and place the towel over your head. The hot water steam moistens the airways and clears them of mucus.
  • Quick relief can also come from inhaling certain essential oils. Put some peppermint oil or tea tree oil in a handkerchief and smell it from time to time.
  • A warm bath can also help to clear your nose. Sage or lavender, for example, are suitable bath additives for colds.

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