Robot Vacuum Cleaner does not connect to Wi-Fi: What you can do

by Pramith

If your robot vacuum cleaner does not connect to the WLAN, there are several possible causes for the problem. We will help you with troubleshooting.

Robot Vacuum Cleaner does not connect to Wi-Fi: Common Causes

Often there is only a trivial cause behind the connection problems, which you can fix with a few simple steps:

  • First check the signal strength. Your Wi-Fi signal should be strong enough and the Robot Vacuum Cleaner should be within range of the router. Weak Wi-Fi reception may prevent the robot from connecting.
  • If necessary, place the router closer to the area where you want the robot vacuum to work. Thick walls, furniture or electrical appliances and other obstacles between the router and the Robot Vacuum Cleaner can also affect the signal strength.
  • Also make sure you have entered the correct Wi-Fi network and password on the Robot Vacuum Cleaner. Sometimes typos or incorrect settings can cause a connection not to be established.
  • In some cases, restarting the wireless router can help resolve connection problems. To do this, disconnect the router from the power supply. Then wait about 30 seconds and plug the router back in. Wait until it has completely booted up. Now try to connect the Robot Vacuum Cleaner to the Wi-Fi again.
  • During the connection process with the Wi-Fi, no other device should be connected to the Robot Vacuum Cleaner. Activate flight mode for all devices that were previously connected to the robot.

More tips for connection problems

If you have done all the above steps and the robot vacuum still does not connect, you can try the following things:

  • It is possible that an incorrect frequency is stored in the router settings. Some Robot Vacuum Cleaners only work with a frequency of 2.4 GHz, while others can be used with both 2.4 GHz and 5.0 GHz. Check the frequency settings in the router settings.
  • In addition, you should check whether a firmware update is available for your robot vacuum cleaner. Updated firmware can fix problems and improve the Wi-Fi connection. For more information, visit the website of the manufacturer of your robot vacuum cleaner.
  • Sometimes firewall settings on your router can also block the connection. Make sure the Robot Vacuum Cleaner can access the Wi-Fi network by checking the firewall settings. Adjust them if necessary.
  • If the problem cannot be solved, consult the user manual of your Robot Vacuum Cleaner for possible solutions or contact customer service.

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