Microsoft Teams: Scrolling through chat – the right way to do it

by Mike

When you work with Microsoft Teams and search your chat for a specific message, it can take a while to scroll through. There are convenient search functions that make it easier for you to search for messages

Search Teams Chat: Desktop

There are a few ways to search for a specific piece of information in Microsoft Teams. If you know which chat to search for the saved message in, do the following.

  • First select the chat with the person you are talking to.
  • Now use the key combination “Ctrl+F” or “Ctrl+F”.
  • There is a search field at the top of the Teams window. Enter the name of the interlocutor there and type in the search term. Confirm this with Enter.
  • Next, a column called “Events” appears. There you will see the search results including a preview. Click on the relevant event to jump to the corresponding place in the chat.

Search Teams Chat: Everywhere

If you can’t remember who you have exchanged certain information with, there is an option in the desktop to use the search box.

  • First click in the search box at the top.
  • Next, enter a slash “/”. A list will now be displayed. Select “/Search” from this listing.
  • You can then search for a channel or chat. You can also simply enter a term. Confirm your selection with “Enter”.

Search teams chat: If the chat partner is known

It can also happen that you still know who you communicated with, but no longer where in Teams the conversation took place. There is also a useful function for this case.

  • For this, use the search field in the top bar again. Type the name into it using the “:Name” function, for example :Mustermann.
  • Confirm your entry with “Enter”.
  • Now you will be shown all results in a supplementary column that are related to the name you entered.

Search Teams Chat: App

If you’re on the go and need an important piece of information, you can also search for a chat on your smartphone in the Teams app.

  • Open the Teams app and tap the “magnifying glass icon”.
  • Now enter your search term. As you type, files as well as messages containing the term will appear.
  • If you are looking for a colleague, then also use the function “:Name”, for example :Musterfrau.

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