What does straight mean? Simply explained

by Johannes

What “straight” means depends entirely on the context in which you stumble across this word. It is a popular term in youth language.

What “straight” means: Simply explained

The word “straight” comes from English and translates as straight, direct or neat. In youth language, however, the word has established itself with several meanings.

  • If someone online claims to be “straight” in their social media or dating profile, it means the person is heterosexual. They therefore prefer love affairs with people of the opposite sex.
  • “Straight” is therefore the opposite of homosexual. Sometimes the term is used in the LGBTQ scene in a slightly mocking context. “He’s safe straight”, for example, expresses that someone is obviously only interested in the opposite sex.
  • However, regardless of sexual orientation, “straight” can also mean straightforward or assertive.
  • A “straight” person is then perceived as confident, consistent and positive.

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