iPhone 11: How to restart

by Tobias

Restarting the iPhone 11 is very easy. We show you how to proceed with the restart and what you need to bear in mind.

Restarting the iPhone 11

To restart your iPhone 11, follow these steps:

  • Press either the iPhone 11 Volume Up or Volume Down button simultaneously with the right side button.
  • Hold down both buttons until the “Power Off” slider appears on the display.
  • Slide the slider and wait until the unit shuts down.
  • You can turn iPhone 11 back on and use it to restart by briefly pressing and holding the right side button. When the Apple logo appears, you can release the button again and use the smartphone as usual.

iPhone 11: Force reboot

If the screen freezes, it may be necessary to force restart the iPhone 11.

  • To do this, first briefly press the “Volume up” button and then the “Volume down” button. It is important that you only press both buttons briefly and release them again.
  • Then press and hold the right side button until the restart of the iPhone is initiated. You will recognise this by the Apple logo appearing on the screen.

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