iPhone: Cropping objects – how to cut people & animals out of pictures

by Corinna

With iOS 16 on your iPhone, you can crop objects. This allows you to cut out certain objects from photos and use them in other apps. However, the feature only works on the newer devices.

iPhone: How to crop objects under iOS 16

The iOS 16 operating system offers you the function to crop objects from photos and use them in other apps.

  • Open a photo from which you want to crop an object.
  • Hold your finger on the object until you see a glimmer on the screen. The background will now be removed.
  • Without releasing your finger, you can now move the object or simply click on “copy”. For example, go out of the Photos app and into a Messages app and paste the photo here.

Clearance not possible on all devices

Cropping of objects is not supported on all devices. If you have an older model, this function cannot be used.

  • The cropping function is only supported on newer units. These must have at least an A12 Bionic processor.
  • Models from the iPhone XR onwards have the processor, as do the iPhone XS and XS Max from the 2018 manufacturing year. The iPad Air and iPad mini 2019 also have the processor, as do the iPad from 2020. You can find out which model you have by looking at the details in the paperwork that comes with your device when you buy it.
  • Older devices that do not have this processor built in will not work, even with iOS 16.

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