Jaumo app does not work – what to do?

by Johannes

If the Jaumo app no longer works, this can have several causes. We will show you how to solve the problem.

Jaumo app no longer works – this can help

  • Internet: Open any website on your smartphone to check your internet connection. If necessary, switch between WLAN and the mobile data network.
  • Restart: Switch your smartphone completely off and on again. Small errors in the cache are corrected in this way.
  • App: If this does not help, delete the app from your smartphone. You can then download and install the Jaumo app again. Your data will not be lost.
  • Zapping: If you do not receive any new suggestions from Jaumo, tap on the filter symbol in the top right corner of the zapping. Here you can now adjust the distance as well as the age to get more search results.

Jaumo app down – what to do?

  • There may currently be a server problem at Jaumo. The service is then no longer accessible for all users. If it is a major problem, you will find a message on the Facebook page of Jaumo.
  • Alternatively, you can also log in online at Jaumo.com. The singles exchange is also accessible here.

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