Barbecue in winter: The best ideas

by Corinna

When you fire up the barbecue in winter and invite friends over, it can be a really great evening with delicious food. With our tips for winter barbecues, you’ll be well prepared.

Grilling in winter: The right barbecue for good food

With the right grill, meat succeeds even in sub-zero temperatures.

  • Ideal for winter grilling is a closed grill with a lid. This way, the food gets heat from below and above.
  • It’s best not to grill food straight from the fridge. Meat and co should be at room temperature before they go on the grill.
  • To keep the food warm when it comes off the grill, preheat the plates in the oven.
  • In sub-zero temperatures, food gets cold quickly even on a warm plate. There is a simple trick you can use to protect the grilled food from cooling down quickly: Serve it in rolls.

Hot food and drinks at the BBQ

Don’t offer your guests anything cold.

  • Whether it’s an appetiser, main course or dessert – if you’re outside in winter, you should be warmed from the inside. A hot soup as a starter is a good start. The classic dessert for cold winter days is the baked apple – nice and hot and sweet.
  • Hot makes warm. So you can season barbecued food a little hotter in winter with chilli, pepper and paprika. Tabasco and hot sauces also provide inner warmth.
  • Don’t just warm yourself and your guests from the inside. Make sure you have sufficient heat sources, such as radiant heaters or mushroom heaters. More rustic is a Swedish fire.
  • Have blankets, scarves, extra jackets and perhaps a few hot water bottles ready. Food tastes even better when you’re wrapped up warm. So that your fingers don’t get cold while eating, your guests will certainly be happy about hand-warming pads.

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