Sky: Activation does not work – what can you do?

by Tobias

You can watch the Bundesliga, sports or the latest films on Sky, but not if the activation does not work. In order to be able to enjoy your desired programme, the channels must be unlocked. Read our practical tip to find out what to do.

What to do if the Sky activation does not work?

As a rule, Sky activation runs quickly and without any major problems. After just a few minutes, the programme you have subscribed to is free and you can enjoy it. With some cards, the process can take up to an hour, according to Sky. If the activation still does not work for you, you should proceed as follows:

  • Check: Check that you have inserted the card correctly. Follow the instructions exactly, especially with a CI module, incorrect insertion is one of the main reasons for failure to unlock. Change to a Sky channel that is actually included in your subscription and wait for the activation.
  • Log in: Log in to the Sky website using the Sky customer data you sent us. Under “First steps” you will find the “Activate” section. Enter your smartcard number and activate the card. If the card has already been activated, you will also see the date on which it was done.
  • Switch: If you have been provided with a Sky receiver, check the public channels. You may find that there is a problem with the receiver. Also check all the inputs on the receiver, you may have plugged in a cable incorrectly or not correctly.
  • Customer Service: If you have checked all the connections, repeated the procedure from the beginning and still do not get an activation, your only option is to call Customer Service. On the phone you will then be given details of how to proceed. Sky staff can authorise activation from the customer centre.
  • Return: If activation does not take place even after a longer period of time or after calling the customer centre, return the products provided in consultation with Sky. A technical error cannot be ruled out. In most cases, Sky will send you a replacement directly. However, this is the last route you should choose – after all, it involves a considerable amount of effort.

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