Flexing: Meaning explained within youth language

by Tobias

The meaning of the youth word “flexing”, like many other youth words, is derived from the English language. It is mainly used to describe the boasting of another person.

The meaning of the youth word “flexing “

The word “flexing”, which is predominantly used by young people, is derived from the English verb “to flex”, which can usually also be translated as “to bend”. In the context of youth language, however, the word has other meanings.

  • Originally, “flexing” was meant to describe someone standing in front of a mirror and flexing their muscles.
  • But the verb now has other meanings among young people.
  • If someone is bragging today, it means that person is bragging or showing off something strongly.
  • This is about presenting as positive an image of oneself as possible to others and impressing them with it.

How to use the term

As a verb, you can easily incorporate “flex” into your own usage.

  • Use the term when you want to say that someone is showing off, for example, clothes, cars, muscles or other things.
  • In such a case, you can say, “He told me how much he earns. He’s really flexing. “
  • If you think someone is only doing something to impress others, you can say, “She’s only doing it for the flex. “
  • Sometimes, however, young people use the word to say that they have had sexual intercourse with someone. In such a case, someone has been “fleeced”.

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