Netflix app won’t start: How to fix the problem

by Johannes

If your Netflix app won’t start, it can quickly spoil your evening. Find out here how you can quickly fix the problem and give your movie night a chance after all

The Netflix app won’t start – How to solve the problem

In the following, we have summarised possible causes and tips which work on both iOS and Android devices.

  • Try to shut down your device completely. Once this is done, turn the unit back on. Once it has booted up, try opening the Netflix app again.
  • Sometimes the problem is that the app needs an update. Download this and try again.
  • If the app has already been updated, delete the app and download it again. However, saved tracks will be lost.
  • Before you delete it, you can also reset the app.
  • The app may be restricted on your device. In the general settings, you can change these using the “Restrictions” button.
  • Occasionally the cause is also your W-LAN router. Try restarting your home network.
  • Your internet service provider will most likely be able to help you solve the problem. Contact them and ask about possible solutions.
  • It’s quite possible that the error is coming from the Netflix server. If our tips do not help, it is worth contacting customer service.

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