Samsung Galaxy Watch no longer turns on: What you can do

by Corinna

If your Samsung Galaxy Watch no longer turns on, simple tricks can usually help to solve the problem. The battery and charging cable are often to blame, but sometimes it’s a stubborn software error that can only be solved with a reset.

Samsung Galaxy Watch no longer starts: Check charging process

If the Samsung Galaxy display remains black, first make sure that the battery is not deep discharged and that the charging cable is working.

  • Connect the Samsung Galaxy Watch to the charger. For older models, make sure the Watch is properly plugged into the charger. For newer models, place on the cradle.
  • Wait at least 30 minutes even if the Watch does not show any response.
  • If you still don’t see a charging symbol after this time, test whether another socket or cable works, as these may also be faulty.
  • Try also using an outlet that is not part of a distribution board.
  • If the battery icon on the charging dock or on the Samsung Galaxy Watch display does not light up, there is probably a technical fault. Contact Samsung support.
  • If the watch displays the current battery level but won’t turn on, wait until the battery runs out. Then follow our steps again to charge the Galaxy Watch properly and turn it on.

Galaxy Watch display stays black: force restart

The Samsung Galaxy Watch software may also be frozen. This can usually be fixed by forcing a restart.

  • Make sure that the Galaxy Watch is not completely discharged. If you have followed our tips, the watch should be sufficiently charged.
  • Place the watch on the charging stand or connect it to the charging cable and now press the power button on the watch for eight to twelve seconds.
  • Do not remove the watch from the charging base or disconnect your watch from the charging cable.
  • The Samsung Galaxy Watch should then display the Home screen.
  • If it has worked and the problem has occurred frequently, it may help to reset the Samsung Galaxy Watch.
  • If the Samsung Galaxy Watch still does not turn on, contact Samsung customer service.

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