Eventim: Tickets not received – what to do?

by Michaela

If you haven’t received your tickets from Eventim even after a long wait, you are still not completely without a chance. Here we show you how you can still get your tickets or at least get your money back.

Just in time for the concert – The search for the missing tickets

Eventim itself points out that the delivery of a shipment can be delayed by up to seven working days. If you have been waiting longer, you should follow the steps below:

  • Log in to “My EVENTIM” and check the status of your shipment. If it says “in process”, “paid” or “received”, your ticket is still at Eventim.
  • If the status is “shipped”, you can track the progress of the shipment at Deutsche Post. You will find the consignment number and the Deutsche Post website in the email that Eventim sent you.
  • If your ticket has been at a station for a long time or your shipment cannot be tracked, your ticket has probably been lost. However, the sender – i.e. Eventim – is liable for your ticket until it is delivered.
  • In order to find your ticket again, you must submit a so-called search request. To do this, contact Eventim. Write the order number as well as the consignment number in the message. You can also send an e-mail directly to kundenservic@eeventim.de
  • If the enquiry request is unsuccessful, you have the right to a refund of your money or an equivalent item. The Eventim customer service on + 49 (0) 1806-570070 is usually very accommodating about this too.

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