What is Body Count? This is what is behind the term

by Johannes

If you’re on TikTok a lot, you may have wondered what the so-called “body count” is. We’ll explain.

What Body Count is these days

Body Count is an expression used nowadays mainly on the platform TikTok, but also on other social networks.

  • This term stands for the number of previous sexual partners of a person.
  • So if someone claims to have a body count of five, he or she means to have had sexual intercourse with five people in his or her lifetime.
  • So, as the German translation already suggests, it is purely about the number of bodies with which one has already become intimate.
  • This value plays an important role especially with young people who sometimes want to distinguish themselves with their sexual experience.

Body Count: Original Meaning

In its original sense, the term body count comes not from youth and internet culture, but from the language of the military.

  • In the past, the body count referred to the number of dead of the opposing side in war.
  • For example, during the Vietnam War, the US tried to measure its success and progress by the body count.
  • For psychological warfare, the results of the Body Count were announced every evening over the radio.

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