Lost iPhone – what to do?

by Mike

If your iPhone is lost or stolen, the excitement and shock are great at first. Keep calm: We tell you what you need to do as quickly as possible.

First steps if your iPhone has been lost

To prevent a stranger from using your iPhone, you should take the following steps immediately. If you haven’t set up a lock code, every minute puts your personal information and wallet at risk.

  • Lock and wipe: If you have activated the “Find my iPhone” function, you can subsequently lock the device with a code, wipe it or display a message on it if you have an Internet connection.
  • Block card: Have your SIM card blocked immediately. To do this, you must call the service hotline of your mobile phone provider. After giving your personal details, your SIM card will be blocked immediately and can no longer be used for the time being.
  • Passwords: Change all passwords for accounts you use on your iPhone. Especially the password for the email account and the Apple ID should be changed. If you believe that your code cannot be guessed, you do not need to worry about this point.
  • Police: Now you should report the loss to the police. This is not only relevant for the insurance company, but also for any tracking by the mobile phone provider.
  • Locate: In certain cases, the network operator can have your iPhone located. To do this, you will in any case need the certificate of loss from the police.
  • Fundamt: An honest finder may have handed in your iPhone at the lost property office. You should definitely visit this more than once.

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