DHL: Change delivery address – this is how it works

by Flo

You can change the delivery address of the DHL parcel online. You should definitely do this, for example, if you won’t be at home when your parcel arrives.

Change DHL delivery address – here’s how to do it

If there are problems or errors with the delivery of your parcel, you have the following options:

  • Packstation: If you are the holder of a Packstation card, you can have your parcel conveniently delivered there. You will receive an SMS as soon as you can collect the parcel from the Packstation.
  • Wish neighbour: Or you can have the parcel delivered to a neighbour you trust. They will then be responsible for ensuring that you receive the parcel.
  • Desired location: Alternatively, you can also agree with DHL on a desired location where the parcel should be placed. Ideally, these locations should not be visible to others so that there is no risk of theft.
  • Parcel box: Provided you have placed a letterbox for parcels outside your front door, parcels can also be delivered there. Please note, however, that not every parcel will fit into the parcel box.
  • Branch: If the nearest post office is near you, you can also have your parcels delivered there. You will receive an e-mail as soon as the parcel has arrived at the branch.

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